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Meet Marc



In 1980 at eighteen years old, I came to Texas to attend the University of Houston.  Within days of my arrival, I drove through League City.  League City resembled the New Jersey shore area where I was raised.  I immediately knew that someday, League City would be my home.

Sea Bright Bridge at the Jersey Shore Marc's home Town

While attending the University of Houston as a full time student, in 1981 I started my own company, Pro Care Home Services.  The focus of the company was to provide carpet sales and installation, carpet and upholstery cleaning to residential and commercial  customers. The company employed both part time college students and full time personnel. During the boom of the early 1980's the company thrived and grew rapidly.  During this rapid growth, I was forced to computerize the operation to leverage my time and reduce costs.  This was in the early stages of the personal computer age.  While computerizing my company, I realized that my new found skills in the computer industry were more interesting and lucrative than the cleaning service business.  In 1983,  I sold the cleaning services business. My wife, Luanne, and I started PC Connexion, now called PC & Cable.  Old Kemah Draw Bridge 1981



With the promise of a growing community, in 1986, after graduating from University of Houston with a bachelor of science degree, Luanne and I moved to League City.  At the time, League City was a town of barely twelve thousand people.  However, League City had the promise of exponential growth.  Conveniently located between Galveston and Houston, League City provided easy access to both communities as well as, superior city services. Additionally, League City is nearby to high-tech hungry NASA and its rapidly growing number of subcontractors. So we made the decision to relocate our business from Houston, to League City

Over the last 21 years, through careful management and superior staffing, our business has grown and survived economic adversity  in an industry known for tremendous volatility.


Paid Political advertisement by Marc Edelman for City Council, Luanne D. Edelman, Treasurer, 4418 Pebble Beach, League City, TX 77573